GP and professional referrals

GP and Professional Referrals

This page provides information for GPs and other health care professionals on how to refer patients to services provided by us.

Kent and Medway Ambulance Mental Health Referral
Pathway and Protocol

This is an agreement which has been made between us and South East Coast Ambulance Trust to allow ambulance crews to refer people directly into mental health services across Kent and Medway as an alternative to taking people on to A&E / Emergency Departments.

The protocol sets out the responsibilities of both Trusts’ staff and includes an algorithm with contact numbers of Access teams for in hours use and Crisis Resolution Home Treatment Teams (CRHTT) for out of hours use. This means the pathway is available 24 hours, seven days a week.

Kent and Medway Ambulance Mental Health Referral Pathway and Protocol

Kent and Medway Mental Health / Ambulance Referral Pathway Algorithm

Contact numbers for mental health advice and referrals

The following directory provides a snap-shot of mental health services we provide in Medway.

It contains enough information to enable GPs and those working in primary care to make informed decisions about where and how to make referrals to mental health services.

Medway Mental Health Services Directory

Medway Liaison Psychiatry Service

The Medway Liaison Psychiatry Service aims to provide mental health support to people admitted to Medway Maritime Hospital.

The service works very closely with staff at Medway Maritime Hospital patients' mental health is assessed and treated effectively alongside any physical health problems.

Download the protocol which sets out how doctors and nurses working within Medway Martime Hospital can access urgent psychiatric advice or assessment for patients aged 18 and over who are physically unwell:

Medway Liaison Psychiatry Service referral protocol

Specialist services

The Trust has a number of specialist services which can be found within Our services section. Each specialist service has its own page which includes specific referral information and guidance.