KMPT International Fellowship Programme in Psychiatry


The KMPT International Fellowship in Psychiatry offers an exciting opportunity for International Medical Graduates (IMG) to develop and share their skills and knowledge. The scheme aims to share knowledge, experience, and best practice – with benefits to both the fellow and the trust.

The scheme has been designed to enable a small number of international doctors to enter the UK to experience working and training within KMPT. Under the scheme, training capacity not required for planned UK/European Economic Area training numbers is made available for international doctors. KMPT will act as the sponsor to enable participants to apply for a visa and for the purpose of registration with the GMC.

The three-year International Medical Fellowship Scheme allows experienced psychiatrists, who have already achieved higher postgraduate qualifications overseas, to come to the UK. Whilst working in the National Health Service (NHS), they will advance their specialist skills, qualifications and career through a structured programme of clinical training, experience working in multidisciplinary teams and exposure to NHS regulatory frameworks. They will gain experience and develop specialist interests in a range of psychiatric areas.

Successful fellows will work at the equivalent UK position of a core trainee in psychiatry who is in their third year of training (CT3).

Fellows will also be supported to gain further qualifications like MRCPsych, entering UK higher training programme or pursuing CESR route to gain specialist registration.
The Rcpsych Core Curriculum can be viewed here.  

Fellows will have an Educational Supervisor who will oversee their progress and ensure that they attain their personalised educational and training objectives. Time for training and professional development will be incorporated into their job plan.

The scheme offers support with expenses, including a relocation package, study leave and travel costs.

Application criteria
  • Hold a primary medical qualification (PMQ) recognised by the UK General Medical Council (GMC).

    For the GMC list of recognised qualifications, please visit the GMC website.

  • If successful in application:
    Seek verification of this primary medical qualification by the Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) before the trust can sponsor their registration to join the GMC medical register.

    For details of how to obtain verification of your primary medical qualification please visit the GMC website.

  • Following undergraduate training, have completed an acceptable programme of practical training/internship (or equivalent) in medicine of no less than 12 months.

    For the GMC requirements regarding acceptable internships, please visit the GMC website.
  • Have at least three years’ experience working in psychiatry in the last five years, including the last 12 months.

    If successful at interview, will need to inform the trust should their place of work or employment status change between then and the point at which they apply to join the GMC medical register.

  • Have achieved a minimum overall score of 7.5 in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) academic test within the last 18 months, and at least 7.0 in each category and be able to provide a certificate as confirmation.
    Have achieved a B in every category of the medical version of the Occupational English Test (OET) within the last 18 months and be able to provide a certificate as confirmation.

  • Have obtained a postgraduate qualification (PGQ) in psychiatry, and be able to provide evidence within their application.

  • Can confirm that the examination leading to the PGQ included an assessment of clinical skills. Details of the postgraduate training programme leading to the qualification need to be included within their application.

  • Can provide structured references from referees who have directly supervised them which cover all clinical experience during training to substantiate the quantity and quality of the training. One such reference/Letter of Support should be from the Head of the Department or Director of the Training Programme or equivalent.

  • Can provide structured references covering the last three years that capture information about their clinical knowledge, skills and experience as well as my communications skills including professional attitudes, behaviours, interpersonal skills and working with others

  • Have not previously made any unsuccessful attempts to register with the GMC (e.g. PLAB test).

    Doctors who have failed (and not subsequently passed) either part 1 or part 2 of the PLAB test or who have previously been turned down for sponsorship by an approved sponsor are not generally considered as suitable candidates for sponsorship.

    If unsure, please see GMC website for clarification

  • Can include a copy of their current CV/resume within their application

  • Can include a copy of their current valid passport with their application, with all details clearly legible. Is able to submit any other photo identity documents as requested by the trust if shortlisted for interview

  • Is able to acknowledge that the trust will retain their personal data in accordance with the relevant policies and if accepted for the fellowship my employment with the trust will be subject to meeting pre-employment and visa requirements

    It may be necessary to share personal data with UK-wide Regulatory or Public Authorities bodies linked to the profession of psychiatry.
    We will only do this where we have a statutory or regulatory requirement to do so (i.e. in relation to sponsoring GMC registration and/or arranging employment in the UK).
Application process

KMPT International Medical Fellowships will be advertised via NHS Jobs twice a year.

NHS Jobs - Candidate Homepage

Please contact us if you would like to be added to the mailing list so we can share opportunities once adverts go live

Contact details

Individuals who would like to know more about the International Medical Fellowship should e-mail: or

All recruitment / HR checks questions should be directed to 

Useful information for newly appointed international medical graduates to the Trust

Differential Attainment Guide

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