A big KMPT welcome to our new charity lead

Date added: 29 April 2022

We are delighted to welcome Mirelle Frost, KMPT’s new charity lead to the trust.

Mirelle joined in March 2022 and has worked in the voluntary sector for over 30 years. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping to support people living with ill mental health to access both NHS and charity mental health services.

Mirelle says: “I am really pleased to be joining KMPT, particularly as we set out on this new and exciting journey together to launch our newly-formed mental health charity. I have been meeting lots of people across the trust since joining and am really looking forward to working alongside many of you to launch our new charity.”

Throughout her long career, Mirelle has worked as a Chief Executive Officer and Company Secretary for Kent based charities and been involved in both project management and fundraising for community gardens and play areas to reduce social isolation and improve wellbeing.

“I have a particular interest in creating and maintaining sustainable local areas for wellbeing for all ages to socialise, share skills, knowledge and local produce. As well as general fundraising, one of our first projects is focused on the Webb’s Garden project in Canterbury. This fabulous space is used for lots of therapy sessions, growing its own produce as well as a place to rest, relax and focus on wellbeing.

“Through the charity we are hoping to raise £6,500 to build a new pagoda and improve disabled access for patients, staff and volunteers, whilst carrying on the fabulous work already taking place in the garden.”

You will be hearing lots more about KMPT’s new charity and how you can get involved over the few months so watch this space.

Want to donate now?

We are working towards an official date to launch the charity but the great news is that we are accepting donations now! If you want to donate to the charity or the Webb’s Garden Spring Project here are the details:

Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Charitable Fund

Bank name: Nat West

Sort Code: 607080          

Account number No: 10032711 

Would you like more information about how you can help?

Email Mirelle at mirelle.frost@nhs.net or the charity’s administrator at kmpt.charity@nhs.net.