Book review of 'Living with Dementia through Music' sparks delight!

Date added: 18 December 2021

Today is #Day3 of our 12 days of celebration of KMPT and our theme is gratitude. 

We caught up with Cathy, one of our registered music therapists, who shared some good news with us about a book she and fellow KMPT colleagues contributed to. Living Well with Dementia through Music is a resource book aimed at providers of activities and care staff.

Cathy said: “I was very excited to receive my copy of the British Journal of Music Therapy a couple of weeks ago, and to read the positive review of a book I edited and contributed to!

“The reviewer is Nina Wollersberger - a PhD fellow at the Cambridge Institute for Music Therapy research, whose research is around the value of indirect music therapy work with people living with dementia and their carers.

She strongly resonated with the message behind the book – that music needs to be an essential part of the day to day care of those living with dementia in order for them to live the best possible quality of life, and that this is something that all staff and carers can contribute to, whether or not they have any musical skills! 

“At KMPT we are starting to put this into practice on our older adult wards. Through working together with the charity Playlist for Life, we have created a resource where any member of ward staff, students and volunteers can create and use personal music playlists with people as part of their care.  It’s great to know that the book has been so well-received by a well-established expert in the field of music and dementia.”

Gratitude is also about feeling pride in what you do and how your daily contribution, whether it is part of your vocation or otherwise, can help others to move forward in a more positive way and enrich their lives – this has certainly done that.