Join our research conference - shining a spotlight on quality, excellence and innovation

Date added: 24 May 2023

The countdown to our conference “Shining a spotlight on quality, excellence and innovation” is on, and there are just a few spaces left.

Taking place in Ashford on 13 June, it will be hosted by Dr Afifa Qazi, our Chief Medical Officer and the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ “Psychiatrist of the Year 2022”, our Director of Research and Innovation Sukhi Shergill and Dr Mudasir Firdosi, KMPT’s Clinical Director of Quality Improvement.

Inspiring speakers, including Nancy Dixon from Healthcare Quality Quest and Professor Lisa Dikomitis, will talk about how well-conducted research, improvement and innovation can make a real difference to the care we deliver.

Interactive workshops, such as Bringing Quality Improvement to Life, are also included so you can put what you are learning into practice.

Check out the full agenda here!

The event is open to KMPT staff and healthcare professionals. 

We are also going to be using the weeks leading up to it showcase the excellent, often award-winning, work of our teams here at KMPT.

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