KMPT Awards 2020 - Fourth day of celebrations

Date added: 18 December 2020

Today's awards were presented by Sandra Goatley, Executive director of workforce and communications and Sean Bone-Knell, Non-executive director.

Congratulations everyone.

Achievement in Research Award

Highly Commended: Professor Rafey Faruqui, Consultant Neuropsychiatrist

Prof Rafey Faruqui has a well-established track record in the world of academia and holds an Honorary Professorship at the Centre for Health Services Studies, University of Kent. He is a Past Chair of Faculty of Neuropsychiatry at the Royal College of Psychiatrists and continues to develop high quality Kent based research projects that have direct clinical relevance for our patients as well as nationally. He is a leading light in research. Prof Faruqui’s impact on others through his research work cannot be put into words.

Best Team Improvement Award

Winner: North and South East crisis resolution and home treatment teams

The person who nominated this team wanted to recognise the challenging role they have and the increased pressures they have worked under during COVID-19. The North and South East CRHTT Crisis Teams meet their challenge with positivity and professionalism. We are most definitely #KMPTProud. Thank you to Will Carter and Sarah Joslyn who accepted the award on behalf of the team.

Quality and Experience Award 

Winner: Justine Norris, Occupational Therapist

This is a particularly special nomination as the winner of this award was one of the first occupational therapists to start developing resources to help others as the restrictions hit at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Justine’s resource pack has been requested far and wide with requests from Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Belgium and France to name but a few.

Leadership Award

Highly Commended: Karen Hambling, Team leader  

Karen has been nominated for single handedly developing a new service, ensuring clients are seen and regularly reviewed. As the pandemic developed, As the East Kent Rapid Transfer Dementia Service developed, Karen encouraged her new team to bring their ideas and initiative to the table to enhance this new service.

Administrator of the Year Award

Highly Commended: Dover Community Mental Health Service for Older People

The winner of this award goes to a team whose contributions in being able to think outside of the box during difficult times over the last year has been phenomenal. They do not wait to be asked to resolve problems but act in the best interests of the team and our patients. During COVID-19, they worked together to develop systems and solutions to keep our patients safe.

Digital Inspiration Award

Highly Commended: The Recovery and Wellbeing College team

The Highly Commended award for this category which goes to a team who acted quickly to ensure COVID-19 did not impact on the service they deliver. The support they offer is always outstanding, however they clearly went the extra mile to ensure that regardless of the restrictions in place, they remained available to those who needed them using digital technology. Congratulations to our Recovery College team who are now providing a virtual recovery college, adding to their already remarkable service.

Patient Contribution Award

Highly Commended: Kylie Cederblad

Our Highly Commended winner has been on an incredible journey. Prior to experiencing significant life challenges, Kylie had a bright career in education. She has since brought a great deal of compassion, kindness and commitment to her role as Recovery College facilitator. Her recovery college colleagues have told us it is always an absolute pleasure to work with Kylie.

Patient Contribution Award

Winner: Daniel Pullen

The winner of this award has been actively involved in countless Research Studies over the past 6+ years and has contributed to over 15 National Institute of Health Research projects during this time. His openness and willingness to share his experiences through local and national clinical research has not only helped improve services within the trust, but also helped inform our broader knowledge of Mental Health worldwide.