KMPT Awards 2020 - Second day of celebrations

Date added: 16 December 2020

Today's awards were presented by Vincent Badu, Executive director of director partnerships and strategy/ Deputy chief executive and Afifa Qazi, Executive medical director. Congratulations everyone.

Administrator of the Year Award

Highly Commended: Annie Stiling-Daveney, Ward clerk (Amberwood ward)

The support provided by our administrators is absolutely vital in helping deliver brilliant patient care. Our Highly commended has been nominated because of her approach to supporting others, living and working the KMPT values, using her initiative and being forever cheerful! Nothing is ever too much for Annie and her colleagues have shared their appreciation for her work by nominating her.

Carer Contribution Award

Highly Commended: Louis Coelho

Our Highly Commended award goes to a true gentleman who needs very little introduction. Louis has been the main carer for his beloved wife for many years, as well as volunteering as a carer representative for KMPT. He also volunteers for Carers FIRST, Alzheimer and Dementia services and is key part of KMPTs Triangle of Care group. We are all so incredibly grateful to Louis and we hope this award goes some way to showing our appreciation.

Winner: Michele Grace

Michelle brings her personal experience to help others. She has worked tirelessly to support others in the community running the Lewis Project in Sevenoaks, she also runs a musical group for young people and has helped open doors for them to perform to the public. She is a true inspiration and we are forever grateful to Michelle for her contribution.

Outstanding Support Service Award 

Winner: Infection prevention and control team

Winner: Facilities, domestic, reception and porters

The incredible work carried out by two of our nominees couldn’t be divided and therefore we are delighted to award the Outstanding Support Service winners to two teams.

Patient Safety Award

Highly Commended: Cheryl Cramer, Senior infection control nurse

At a time of the strictest infection control measures the UK has seen, it’s an absolute pleasure to present this Highly Commended award to Cheryl Cramer, Senior infection control nurse.

Cheryl is the only dedicated Infection Control nurse within our organisation. She provides an excellent service across all inpatients and community settings with the support of the link staff that she has developed. As the COVID 19 pandemic developed, Cheryl’s leadership ,support and direction has been even more invaluable. Cheryl has remained a tower of knowledge, strength and support.

Volunteer of the Year Award

Highly commended: Louis Coelho