KMPT Awards 2020 - Third day of celebrations

Date added: 17 December 2020

Today's awards were presented by Jacquie Mowbray-Gould, Chief operating officer and Venu Branch, Non-executive director.

Congratulations everyone.

Patient Safety Award

Winner: 836 phone coordinators - Kerri Scutts and Kim Terry

Our winner is a team who have relaunched a service which has had significant impact on those who need our help and who are incredibly vulnerable. Working with our partners in a clear and consistent manner is key and our winners of this award have helped do that in order to help our patients. Congratulations to our 836 phone coordinators Kerri Scutts and Kim Terry.

Leadership Award

Winner: Kim Terry

The winner of this award came into post in February 2019. She has continued to show great leadership, implemented new processes, worked with colleagues across the trust to ensure consistency and encouraged staff at all levels to get involved in service development of the 836 service. Kim Terry nurtures emerging leaders and is a worthy winner of this fantastic award.

Digital Inspiration Award 

Winner: Criminal Justice Liaison and Diversion Service (CJLDS)

The technological advancement within this team has enabled a new screening process to be put in place which directly helps source additional support for the person in need. It means helping more people and preventing them from reoccurring criminal behaviour. This new screening app was created by CJLDS team leader Peter Griffin. Thank you to Peter and Rebecca Elkington who joined us to receive the award.

Outstanding Support Service Award

Highly Commended: Zoe Young, Voluntary services

Our highly commended winner of this award is Zoe Young from our wonderful Voluntary services team. Zoe has been commended as always going the extra mile to support service users and volunteers. During COVID-19 Zoe recruited volunteers willing to help ensure clothing could be washed at high temperatures and bagged separately ensuring we were keeping service users safe but supplying them with the essentials they desperately need. This was just one example of Zoe’s incredible passion for her role. Zoe couldn’t join us to accept her award, however we will ensure she receives it as soon as possible.

Partnership Award

Winner: Malcolm Brown

Malcolm works tirelessly with multiple teams (clinical and non-clinical) and external partners to deliver suicide prevention work within the trust and beyond. He has led on reducing the risk of suicide for inpatients on leave, helped introduce suicide prevention training and has developed the trusts suicide prevention strategy. This is just a small part of what Malcolm has achieved and we are truly delighted to award the winning trophy to him.

Highly Commended: Victoria Nystrom-Marshall

Victoria has demonstrated excellent partnership working in some complex programmes including forensic services, memory assessment service, open access crisis care and psychological therapies. With excellent relationship skills, the development of this work has been supported by Victoria resulting in positive outcomes for our patients.

Inspiring Change Award

Winner: Albert Botchway

We last saw the winner of this award at our Board meeting in July this year. Albert Botchway presented the quality improvement project to improve antidepressant adherence for depressive disorder patients under Kent Primary Care mental health service.

Albert has worked closely with GPs, consultants, patients and carers within this project. The best comment came from a service user who Albert helped during the process: “For years I have struggled to understand what is in my system, what is helping me and how the medication I am taking is affecting my brain. When I met Albert and he explained the pilot to me, I was keen to get involved. For years, my journey with my medication and my mental health has been stressful, upsetting and at times isolating, so to hear about a programme where medication is explained better to health professionals and service users, seemed like an invaluable experience.”

Albert was unable to join us but we will ensure he receives his award as soon as possible.

Quality and Patient Experience Award

Highly Commended: Bridge House, Inpatient detoxification unit  

During the pandemic there has been a rise in the consumption of alcohol as people struggle psychologically in these uncertain times and services like Bridge House were needed more than ever. While other detoxification units closed during the pandemic, Bridge House remained open and available to some of the most vulnerable group of people in our society.

Whilst acute hospital trusts also saw a rise in drug and alcohol related admissions, the consultant for Bridge House Dr Annie McCloud and Manager Joe O’Rourke put themselves forward as ‘leads’ to support the acute hospital trusts to manage people with substance mis-use problems safely and effectively.

Thank you to Joe O’Rourke and Sarah Porter who collected this highly commended award on behalf of the team.