Care planning - a move forward

Date: 31 January 2017

care planning 2017

A multi-disciplinary group of colleagues from across the Acute Service (inpatient service) have this month launched their new Care Planning guidelines for patients that need inpatient admission or care from our Crisis Teams. For the past six months, a task and finish group has been meeting regularly to develop an improved way of supporting patients and their loved ones to develop meaningful care plans that focus on recovery, and reflect the holistic needs of each patient and their carers.

The group was chaired by Mike Curtin (Lead Nurse) and overseen by Teresa Barker, Assistant Director. Five teams from within the Acute Service piloted the use of a range of different ways of care planning over a set period of time. This included east, north and west Kent inpatient wards, Psychiatric Intensive Care and the Dartford Crisis Team. The pilots culminated in an extended meeting in September 2016, where the pilot teams presented their findings to one another, and looked at what had worked best from a staff and patient perspective. From this, the strengths from each model were pulled together, culminating in five key care planning domains that the service will use from now on as a consistent standard practice in all care plans for inpatients and Crisis Resolution Home Treatment patients.

• My safety and recovery
• My mental health
• My physical health
• My support networks
• My plan for discharge and transfer of care

The service line has produced Care Planning Guidance for staff and patients, including a pocket guide that can be used as a prompt to maximise the benefit of the care plan. John Puddle, AHP Lead for the Acute Service said: "The new care plan domains will help create collaborative and responsive care that makes best use of the skills and interventions available in the multidisciplinary teams. On the wards, this will support service users access therapies on offer within the therapeutic staffing model."

Teresa Barker, Assistant Director, said: "We are committed to supporting patients and their loved ones to have a care plan that meets their holistic needs, so that they are experienced as a meaningful document for patients and their families. I have been so impressed with the work we have achieved together as a multi-disciplinary group in the last six months. We have kept focused on ensuring that the care plan domains reflect the holistic needs of patients and their families as best as possible and are seen as helpful to everyone in helping people work towards recovery. Our challenge now is to embed this in our practice quickly, take feedback, update our audit tool, and tweak the new process if necessary as we go. Importantly, we have agreed to continue to meet as a group to now take on other Quality Initiatives for patients needing acute mental health care. We are committed to continually improving patient safety and experience for people with acute mental health care needs, and will keep you updated with how we get on!”

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    Care planning for our inpatient services has received a shake up. Find out what the team have been up to.
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