How are we doing?

Date: 20 November 2018

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How are we doing?

As a NHS provider, we ask everyone who comes into contact with our services to complete a Friends and Family Test. We wanted more detail so in 2017, we introduced PREM into our community services. PREM is a Patient Reported Experience Measure, a measure of patient experience as reported by you. It was a success so we rolled it out trust wide so we can understand people’s experiences of using our services and can monitor where such experience improves, or drops.

To ensure we are not bombarding service users and their families with too many surveys, the Friends and Family Test is now included within the PREM. To sum up - one survey to return which will benefit us all.

In October we saw the highest responses for PREM yet – over 700 were received and acted upon where needed. Some changes were really simple fixes; others have been implemented in our continuing review of the service. For example, requests were made to change clocks in waiting rooms to ones that had bigger numbers for those with poor eyesight. A simple but important observation which will benefit those who use the service.

Our service departments review the PREM responses they receive and feedback to our Trust wide Patient and Carers Engagement Group on a regular basis. Feedback will include what actions have been taken and the results of those actions. It’s important to ensure we are monitoring what has happened with that feedback – not just to leave the comments gathering dust and for nothing to change.

So it’s over to you. Please complete the PREM and send it back to the relevant service. Your comments are truly important to us.

Thank you.

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