KMPT participation in research rockets!

Date: 03 August 2017

Research ball

In figures just released, KMPT has shown an improved participation by 46% over the past year with participation in research studies but has created huge leap with the number of participants recruited by 99%.

The team is currently led by Amy Hammond, Clinical Research Team Leader (Dementia) and Imogen Sargent, Clinical Research Team Leader (Mental Health). Commenting on the data they said: “The team is delighted with the progress that has been made in enabling our service users and carers to have increased opportunity and access to be involved in a variety of clinical research studies locally. The progress has been made possible by not only the continued hard work and dedication of the research team but also the ever increasing number of trust staff showing an active interest and involvement in delivering research as they too also want their service users to be offered such research opportunities. It is also with huge thanks to all our service users and carers who express a wish to be involved in research, without which delivering research locally would simply be impossible.

“Having moved to our new Research and Development Centre at Beech House in Maidstone, which has facilities to see service users on site, we are very excited to see what the future holds for research opportunities opening across Kent and Medway.”

In 2016/17 more people than ever across the region became involved with health research. Last year, 35,528 participants2 across Kent, Surrey and Sussex were given access to new and better treatments by being recruited into clinical research studies within local NHS organisations.

The figures, published by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR),3 represent the highest number of participants recruited in one year by Clinical Research Network Kent, Surrey and Sussex region. Nationally, the number of participants recruited in 2016/17 reached more than 665,0004.

The NIHR supports clinical research to be set up and delivered more efficiently across healthcare in England. Regional figures are published today in the NIHR Research Activity League Table5, which enables patients, members of the public and healthcare professionals to see how research active their local healthcare organisations are.

The NIHR has seen the number of studies supported by NHS provider organisations increase in recent years, and over the last five years has supported more than 3.1 million participants to get involved in research. The achievements are helping patients to gain greater access to better treatments and care.

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    Record numbers of people in the south east help the NHS to find new and better treatments
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