Ashford Community Mental Health Service for Older People

We care for people over 65 years old with a functional mental health difficulty or with dementia including young onset (aged under 65) in the community. We also provide support and advice to professionals, care homes and carers.

Patients receive an initial assessment after which a plan will be made in collaboration with the patient as to what the next steps might be. This may involve further appointments with health care professionals, invitations to the groups we offer, therapy and neuropsychological assessments.

Our team comprises of consultant psychiatrists, community psychiatric nurses, occupational therapists, psychologists, support workers, an Admiral nurse and administrative staff.

Admiral nurses

Our Admiral nurses provide the specialist dementia support that families need.

When things get challenging or difficult, our nurses work alongside families living with or affected by dementia: offering one-to-one support, expert guidance and practical solutions. The expertise and experience an Admiral nurse brings is a lifeline – it helps families to live more positively with dementia in the present, and to face the challenges of tomorrow with more confidence.

Admiral nurses work with people and families affected by all types of dementia.