At Risk Mental State Service (ARMS)

What does an 'at risk mental state' mean?

This is when people begin to have unusual experiences that can be distressing like hearing voices, feeling paranoid and/or have developed some unusual beliefs others do not share. These experiences sometimes mean it can be hard to study, go to work and spend time with people.

Getting help early can mean these experiences improve rather than get worse and can prevent a more serious mental health problem from developing.

What is an ARMS service?

Psychosis is a mental health condition which affects 1% of the population and usually affects people in their teens or early adult years, although older people can experience it too.

We are a service who aim to help prevent the development of a first episode of psychosis.

We work with people between the ages of 14 and 35 who are struggling with unusual experiences.

Each team is made up of a number of different professionals including mental health nurses, occupational therapists, CBT therapists and psychologists who are trained to offer a range of treatments and interventions to support people and their families.

How we help:

We will offer a personalised care plan tailored to individual needs and goals which might include:

  • Detailed assessment and understanding of what you have been experiencing
  • Ongoing support from a key worker
  • Specialist psychological interventions for you and important people in your life
  • Medical advice and consultation
  • Practical support about where you live and how you spend your time
  • Provide opportunities for social activities
  • Support to access other services aimed at improving wellbeing