Rivendell Rehabilitation Unit

Rivendell is a 10 bed inpatient unit for adults with complex mental health needs. The unit is situated in the village of Eastry near Sandwich.

The unit aims to support individuals on their own sustainable recovery pathway and help them make the transition back to the community a seamless process.

24-hour support is provided on the unit. Individuals also have regular access to medical, psychological, and occupational therapy teams.

We tailor the care package around the person. The team will use a recovery-based focus to help support individuals in identifying their care needs and rehabilitation goals. This enables the person to become empowered with the skills and support to achieve a sustainable recovery.

Protecting our patients

When visiting any of our inpatient wards you must wash your hands, follow our 2m social distancing policy and wear a face covering  where required to do so.

Wards may insist upon other individual arrangements to help protect you during your visit. We advise for all visitors to contact the ward staff ahead of their visit to check for further guidance.

Further information can be found on our website here


"Despite suffering from great anxiety and depression, as I began to stabilise I could appreciate more the tranquil setting at Rivendell which I think is proving effective in my recovery."

"My rehab program has helped build my confidence and my family have noticed that I am more talkative now. I have started to go shopping on my own and used to only be able to make it to the corner shop because I was so anxious. I find that staff are supportive. Staff are helping me to go back to my flat and that lifts my mood. The occupational therapy is helpful and my psychology sessions help me to talk about things which reduces my worry and despair."