Sevenscore Ward

Sevenscore ward is a 12 bed inpatient unit catering for older people who require assessment and treatment for dementia.

Our aim is to deliver evidence based nursing care ensuring people are treated with kindness, dignity and respect  by providing a caring, responsive, effective, well led and safe environment.

The team consist of consultant psychiatrists and junior doctors, nurses, occupational therapists and assistants, health care workers, psychologists and GPs.

A music therapist and other allied health professionals also attend the ward on a sessional basis and include physiotherapy and drama therapists.

Protecting our patients

When visiting any of our inpatient wards you must wash your hands, follow our 2m social distancing policy and wear a face covering  where required to do so.

Wards may insist upon other individual arrangements to help protect you during your visit. We advise for all visitors to contact the ward staff ahead of their visit to check for further guidance.

Further information can be found on our website here

Arrangements for under 18’s to visit

Under 18’s are not allowed on the ward. If you have a child under the age of 18 who wishes to visit please speak to a member of ward staff who will arrange a family room to be booked for your visit.

Items not allowed on the ward:

Please refrain from bringing the following items onto the ward.

  • glass mirrors
  • alcohol or drugs
  • plastic bags
  • coat hangers
  • lighters

When bringing items onto the ward for your loved one please declare this to a member of staff as the item may need to be locked away for safety reasons.

Further information

Sevenscore ward is located on the site of the Queen Elizabeth Queen Mother Hospital. There are car parking facilities on the site.