On demand AHP virtual work experince: Springpod

This is a funded programme from Health Education England (HEE) across the South East region. This program offers 10 hours of virtual work experience across the 14 allied health professions (AHP).

Publication date:
29 April 2021
Date range:
April 2021 - Ongoing


Each ICS will be allocated 400 entries onto the program.  Of these allocation 250 will be allocated by Springpod to schools and Colleges within your area. The remaining 150 allocations will be available for each organisation to use throughout the year. These allocations can also be advertised in external setting, eg Job centres, gyms.


When a organsiation has a request for work experience and would like to offer the applicant the virtual work experience program then they would have to issue them with the links below. The applicant will need to open the link and register on the springpod website

For a student at school or college

For an college lever/adult

Springpod will produce a report every quarter displaying how many applicants there has been in each area.


This program is open to any applicant wanting to learn more about a career as an AHP.


There is a poster that has been produce and can to be used to promote the program and can be displayed on organistaions websites, or via external companies.


At the end of the program the applicants will fill in a survey. This survey will explore which profession interests them the most and if they would like more information. This information will then be given to HEE SE AHP department. They will then pass this information onto the relevant organisations, e.g. AHP Councils/Faculties.

For further information regarding this program Health and Social Care providers within Kent and Medway can contact:

Maria Trotman
Kent and Medway AHP Faculty Lead