Smokefree - Easy read frequently asked questions

We have been a smoke free Trust since April 2015. This document sets out some of our frequently asked questions in easy read format.

Publication date:
02 October 2019
Date range:
October 2019 - Ongoing

Easy read FAQ's

No one is allowed to smoke cigarettes anywhere in the hospital grounds. This is called a ‘smoke free’ hospital. We have been smoke free since 2015.

We are reminding staff and patients about how important it is to be smoke free. There are some changes to the rules.

Why are we smoke free?

Smoking causes lots of early deaths and illnesses. Being smoke free can help your wellbeing and mental health.

What is staying the same?

You cannot smoke cigarettes in any hospital buildings, grounds or vehicles. New patients are told about being smoke free
when they come to hospital.

New patients cannot bring lighters, tobacco or cigarettes with them. Patients have to send these things home or keep them stored away until they are discharged.

Patients can have treatment to help them stop smoking or smoke less.

No one is allowed to use vapes at hospital. This is because they can be dangerous when they are charging.

What is changing?

Patients will not be allowed to smoke cigarettes when they are with a member of staff, even if they are out in the community.

Staff will not take patients out to smoke cigarettes.

What help can you get?

You can have help from staff to stop smoking completely.

If you just want to stop while you are in hospital, you can have Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). NRT might not work for you.

You can buy e-cigarettes to use in the hospital if NRT does not work.

E-cigarettes have nicotine in them. They use batteries.

You can use e-cigarettes outside at certain times of the day.