Trade union facility timesheet

Publication date:
01 March 2020
Date range:
March 2020 - March 2021

Trade union timesheet

Union Officials

Staff Side Chair x 1
Branch Secretary x 1

Union Representatives

Recognised and declared union representatives x 10

Unions formally recognised


Activity Report

Activity report
Activity Occurrence Annual duration in hours
Staff side chair 2 days a week 782 (391)
Branch secretary (Unison) 2 days a week 782
JNF attendance 15 hours a month 180
Casework 50 cases 150
Health and safety inspections 1 hour a month 12
Traning/conference 5ppl for 2 days 75
Total Total 1981 (391)


Calculations made in the activity report are based on estimated average duration per activity. Branch Secretary (Unison) is part funded (0.5) by Unison.

Cost of Trade Union Facility Time using trust average rates is £34,100 pa which is equivalent to 0.03% of payroll cost.