We are #KMPTProud to say that KMPT won the Best Placement Provider for Canterbury Christchurch University Business Awards June 2019!

We support learning at every stage of a career including:

  • Work experience opportunities for those looking to gain an insight into future career options.
  • Undertaking health and social care courses.
  • Professional registration healthcare programmes.
  • Return to practice courses, health and social care apprenticeships and continual professional development programmes.

Most pre-registration healthcare professional programmes have a requirement to undertake practice placements as part of their learning and registration. We are keen to maintain positive practice experiences for students as they are our future workforce.

Practice placement facilitators

Both nursing and Allied Health Professional students, mentors and educators are supported in practice by the Practice Placement Facilitators (PPFs), will ensure the quality and quantity of placements within the trust.

PPFs allocate and coordinate student placements while also supporting mentors/educators in more than 100 placement settings. We aim to maximise the learning opportunities available to all students within placement settings while supporting the developmental needs of mentors/educators.

The PPFs achieve this in the following ways:

  • Work with placement areas to maintain a high standard of placements
  • Keep mentors/educators updated in line with their professional body requirements and practice education issues
  • Work closely with Health Education England and local universities in the recruitment and development of health staff
  • Combining curriculum needs and placement capacity to ensure all students receive an adequate and equitable practice placement experience.


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