Annual report 2019-2020

Annual Report for the period 2019-2020

Publication date:
30 June 2020
Date range:
June 2020 - June 2021


On 1 April 2019, the date this report takes as its starting point, we could never have imagined the challenge that was to face us as a nation and the awful international toll of COVID-19. These last few weeks of 2019-20 have been remarkable and unforgettable in so many ways and have doubtless brought such sadness to so very many.

We in KMPT have, along with the rest of the NHS, been playing our part in ensuring that our patients continue to receive high quality care, that our services continue and our staff are safe and supported.

It has been a difficult and challenging time, but it is clear that against that backdrop, the NHS has gone further, faster than ever before. The same is true here at KMPT and we have seen countless innovations and improvements that have made things better for those we serve. We have been witnessing daily - Brilliant care through brilliant people.

This simple strap line underpins our approach to all we do and has never been truer than now.

Before COVID-19, as you can see from the examples set out here, we were already driving improvements and increasing our ambition. The advent of the virus has accelerated much of that work, creating a vast range of new opportunities on which we will continue to capitalise over the weeks, months and years to come. Out of this, there will come good, we are sure of it.

Looking back and reflecting on the year before COVID-19, its underlying theme was definitely Inspiring Change. It has become a familiar headline across the Trust and has helped us further improve and shape our services in partnership with those we serve, their loved ones and our partners.

In 2019, we launched our Clinical Care Pathway programme. This ambitious programme has been led by service users and their loved ones in partnership with KMPT staff, and its aim is to consistently improve the quality of services we provide. Where new interventions have been piloted, we’ve listened carefully to the experience of those who have tried them, and adjusted our approach accordingly.

This true partnership working has led to some significant improvements already and we are now building on them and going further, faster.

Our mission has always been a simple one; to deliver Brilliant care through brilliant people.

In order to do that, we need first to attract and then to keep the very best people. We have invested time and energy along with financial resource to ensure that we do this, and our work on our organisational culture is making a very positive difference. In 2019-20 we achieved the highest ever response rate to the national staff survey the Trust has ever seen. We were also the top performing Trust in our section of the NHS. This is great news because it means that our people believe that what they think and say matters, and of course it does. Strengthening our relationships as members of the KMPT family can only be good news for those we serve.

Helen Greatorex
Chief Executive