Operational Plan 2019-20

Our Operational Plan sets our our priorities for the years 2019-2020

Publication date:
04 April 2019
Date range:
April 2019 - April 2020

Local Sustainability and Transformation Plan

The 5 Year Forward View set out aims to transform the NHS focussing on addressing 3 main gaps:

  • Health and wellbeing gap
    • Radical upgrade in prevention
      • Back national action on major health risks
      • Targeted prevention initiatives e.g. diabetes (through NHS DPP)
      • Much greater patient control
      • A new relationship with patients and communities
      • Supporting cost-effective innovation
  • Care and quality gap
    • New models of care (e.g. 50 vanguards)
      • Personalised and co-ordinated care
      • Neither 'one size fits all', nor 'thousand flowers' - a menu of care models for local areas to consider
      • Better use of technology to transform care delivery
  • Funding gap
    • Efficiency and investment
      • Actions needed to sustain high quality NHS:
        • demand
        • efficiency
      • Implementation o these care models and other actions could deliver significant efficiency gains

KMPT is the only Trust that is co-terminus with the whole footprint of the Kent and Medway STP. As such we actively engage and collaborate with Trusts to further the aims of the STP as a whole. Our Executive Director of Finance is programme lead for Productivity, and KMPT is leading the Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) work on mental health.

STP workstreaams by theme

Theme Priority workstreams Other worstreams
Care transformation Stroke
Local care
East Kent
Mental health
Primary care
Productivity Productivity N/A
Enablers N/A Estates
System leadership System transformation N/A

We have developed a set of principles to guide how we work in partnership across the system to deliver this:

  • Every part of the programme should be aiming to close the three Five Year Forward View gaps: health and wellbeing, care and quality, and finance and efficiency; and will be held to account on this basis.
  • We are designing a future health and care system that meets the needs of patients and the public, therefore all parts of the programme should have communications and engagement plans that clearly outline how they will engage and co-design as far as possible.
  • We are pursuing the triple integration of primary and specialist care, physical and mental health, and health and social care; and this should be reflected in everything we do.
  • All care transformation should be underpinned by our clinical strategy, building on the case for change and using the care model framework that sits beneath this to design proposals that benefit the system.
  • Prevention is at the core of everything we do, and any proposal for change should have a clear prevention element to it, including embedding within formal business cases.
  • There should be a “golden thread” of mental health and wellbeing across all other areas of care transformation, in addition to delivery of the Five Year Forward View for mental health.
  • We treat all of our partners equally, being open and honest about conflicts, and focusing on what will make the greatest difference to patients and the public.
  • We share information openly unless there is a good reason not to, working in the spirit of collaboration to have the greatest impact.

2019/20 is a year of transition both across the Kent and Medway local system and within KMPT. It provides opportunity to create a solid foundation of high quality services that are prepared for innovation, collaboration and transformation.