Workforce Race Equality Standard 2020 - 2022

The NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) provides a framework for ensuring that Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic (BAME) staff receive fair treatment in the workplace and have equal access to career opportunities. The data presented provides an overview of the Trust’s performance again the 9 WRES indicators.

Publication date:
01 October 2020
Date range:
October 2020 - October 2021

Indicator 8


In the last 12 months have you personally experienced discrimination at work from any of the following:  Manager/team leaders or other colleagues?


Staff survey indicates that this has decreased for our BAME staff from 14.2% down to 12.0%.

This is lower than the average of 14% across the NHS. However it is higher than our white staff where 5.6% of staff stated that they experience discrimination from managers/teams leader/colleagues.

Action 1

  • Examine data collected with ER to determine trends in specific departments, roles or pay bandings where review and actions required
  • Proposed for 2019/20 to monitor exit interview data to identify any particular trends and issues relating to staff leaving for these reasons


  • Workforce Information¬†
  • Diversity and Inclusion Facilitator
  • Equality and Diversity Manager


March 2020


Completed exit interview review forms part of recruitment review as n trends identified. 

Action 2

Deliver agreed recommendations within the recruitment review in relation to exit interviews and review.


Employee Relations Manager


March 2022