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The Live it Library is an online resource of stories from people who have experienced or are experiencing mental health issues.

The Live it Library has over 60 films that include individuals experiencing mental health issues, carers, friends or relatives and mental health professionals.

Join us and speak honestly about your experience. You can also share the stories in the Library to help others while challenging stigma, promoting understanding, and offering hope.

If you are interested in more information or attending an event, contact us.

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The Live it Library stories will become part of a Kent and Medway wide resource that allows individuals, professionals and groups to easily access the ‘books’ and it is hoped that our story tellers can become involved in training and events to talk about their stories and experiences.

If you have already shared your story, why not consider volunteering at a future event. Interested? Register to become a Trust volunteer.

The Live it Library is an online resource supporting mental health recovery and is in not representative of anyone with a similar name to any of the ‘books’ in our online resource.

  • Andrew

    From his own experience, Andrew has developed a self help guide which he hopes will go on to help others. Find out more and download a copy of the guide.
  • Ben

    Ben wanted to share his story on the library as an opportunity to give back to those who have helped him and he also sees it as an opportunity to help others. Ben talks about four things that helped during his recovery.
  • Blogging for Bipolar

    Read about one woman's journey with Bipolar
  • Blogging for Bipolar - Day 1

    Read day one of Blogging for Bipolar
  • Bobbie

    Bobbie Taiano works for Carers First supporting families of people who have disabilities.
  • Brad

    I instantly became quieter and lost sense of what was around me. I ignored this and carried on until the age of 19 by then I had psychosis.
  • Charlton Athletic Community Trust Partnership

    A unique partnership with Charlton Athletic Partnership Trust helps our patients with the Early Intervention Service
  • Chris - Forget Me Nots

    Chris was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia. In his film, he gives advice on staying well and tips on where to get useful information.
  • Chris R - Forget Me Nots

    Chris talks about his diagnosis and how he campaigns for change for dementia.
  • Diana

    Diana tells her story and talks about having a happy childhood but how she has struggled with chronic fatigue since she was young.
  • Dianne - SUNshiners

    Dianne has vascular dementia. In this film she talks about positivity, keeping well and the importance of reaching out for help when you need it.
  • Early Intervention in Psychosis - KMPT

    KMPTs Early Intervention in Psychosis Team talk about how they can help those with psychosis and the importance of supporting carers.
  • Eddie

    Eddie talks about his journey having been diagnosed with Bipolar. He wants to help people turn the chapter in their story. Here he talks about the importance of empathy and understanding and the acceptance needed surrounding mental illness.
  • Edward

    Edward uses poetry and art to express his feelings and improve his wellbeing.
  • Gail

    Gail wants to support other people who have mental health problems. She has experienced anxiety and depression and at times felt like no one was listening. She soon found that they were and with medication and people around her to help, she started her journey on recovery.
  • Gary J

    With help I’ve made things that if I was to try on my own I just can’t do or begin but not finish, and I would feel I had let myself down.
  • Imago - Kent's young carers 1

    This young carer tells others in her situation, not to let others get you down. Listen to her experience.
  • Imago - Kent's young carers 2

    Strive to be the best you can be! Listen to this young carer talk about his personal experience.
  • Imago - Kent's young carers 3

    This young carer looks after his autistic sister. He tells us how much he enjoys young carer events.
  • Imago - Kent's young carers 4

    These young carers talk about the strength of family support and spreading awareness in schools.
  • Imago - Kent's young carers 5

    Having fun! This duo understand the importance of taking care of yourself.
  • Imago - Kent's young carers 6

    Bianco from Imago talks about how the charity supports inspirational young carers.
  • James D

    James is from Ireland and talks about his history with alcohol and being homeless.
  • Jamie

    Jamie works with Porchlight helping others and giving back to his community.
  • Jo - NHS Healthy Weight Team

    Jo from the NHS Healthy Weight Team attended the Kent Mental Health Festival in Folkestone. Here she tells us how anyone can join their programmes to help get active.
  • Kathy - Forget Me Nots

    Cathy began to forget the names of places which prompted her to seek help. In the film Cathy talks about tips and the support she has from friends and family.
  • Keith - Forget Me Nots

    Keith was a head teacher before being diagnosed with early onset dementia. Knowledge is one of his coping techniques, in addition to support from family and friends.
  • Lea

    Lea has bipolar and she wants to highlight the issues that people with bi-polar have. She talks of the high’s and low’s of the illness. Lea exercises regularly and that helps her keep well.
  • Lisa - KMPT

    Lisa works with KMPT and shares her professional knowledge on mental health services.
  • Mark

    Mark talks about how being transferred in his job made him become ill, this affected not only his physical but also his mental health.
  • Martin - Forget Me Nots

    Diagnosed with Alzheimers, Martin relies on friends, family and yoga to help keep well.
  • Maureen

    Maureen says how sharing her problem with other people helps her. She likes to get other peoples perspective on the issues that she is having.
  • Michael

    Michael speaks about having depression from 2005 and how this has affected him and made him feel isolated.

    Listen to mums Zoe and Tenisa talk about the help they received from the Mother and Infant Mental Health Service
  • Penny

    "I force myself to get up, make myself look vaguely respectable – oh, I had better clean my teeth and wash my face."
  • Penny - NHS Health Trainer Service

  • Russell

    Russell wants to share an important message - you can get through this. He's now on his road to recovery.
  • Ruth

    Ruth talks about being diagnosed with bi-polar. She is now supported by friends and family although it has taken some time for her to be able to share her issues with them.
  • Sandra E

    Sandra tells her story. Her mental health issues started when she was younger when still living with her family, as she was an ‘unwanted child’ and she believes most of her mental health issues stem from this issue.
  • Simon

    "I first became unwell around two years ago, I was very depressed and suffered from anxiety. I isolated myself from the world and my only other contact was with my daughter who lived with me at the time."
  • Stephen

    Stephen talks about an incident three years ago that caused him to have a severe stress reaction that caused him to be off of work.
  • Sue

    Sue talks about working in the Medway HOPE project with Rethink Mental Illness.
  • Tania - Kent Police

  • Trish

    Trish talks about how the Grove (rehabilitation centre) has helped in her journey. Trish shares the things that have helped her with her recovery journey.
  • Vanessa

  • Venetia

    Venetia has suffered mental health issues for a long time, she talks about how work is helping her maintain her mental health and how she has been supported back to employment. Venetia is now employed and has found being back at work very beneficial.
  • Vicky

    "My mental health problems started in 2007; I’d been a nightclub DJ which hadn’t worked out, in fact nothing had worked out for me, not community regeneration which I fell into after university either."