Canterbury and Coastal Community Rehabilitation Team

The Canterbury and Coastal Community Rehabilitation Team provides a flexible range of mental health interventions to help clients with more complex mental health needs to manage their mental health more effectively and remain in their own homes.

The service provides care coordination and intensive support seven days per week, working in close partnership with social care and housing providers.

Staff are able to visit people in their homes and local communities and work closely with them to identify ways to help manage their mental health.

This can include:

  • Actively promoting informed decision making in all aspects of life
  • Identifying stressors that impact on mental health and offering coping strategies
  • Enabling clients to manage their mental health, understanding symptoms and medications
  • Helping to establish routines that enable day to day living in own accommodation
  • Encouraging healthy habits to promote better physical and mental health

Referrals are welcome from care coordinators working in the Canterbury and Coastal area who have identified clients who require intensive mental health support outside of what the community mental health team delivers.

The aim of the service is to enable people to remain in the community and avoid admission to hospital or residential care.