Myalgic encephalomyelitis (or encephalopathy)/chronic fatigue syndrome service

The myalgic encephalomyelitis (or encephalopathy)/chronic fatigue syndrome service offers multidisciplinary assessment and management for adults from 18 years with ME/CFS.

The emphasis of our service is on self-management and developing personalised care and support plans. 

Treatment is a collaborative process and the focus is always based on your needs and capabilities. The treatment we offer aims to help you develop problem solving techniques so you can discover the most useful ways to manage your illness.

ME/CFS is an illness that can affect people in different ways. The common symptom that all sufferers experience is persistent and disabling physical and mental fatigue.

Your GP will normally make a diagnosis of ME/CFS on the basis of symptom history, physical examination, and some routine blood tests. Referrals can be made to the service by your GP or medical consultant.  

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Your feedback is important to the team so that we can continue to improve our services. Please share your experiences with us, and let us know how we are doing as a care group.