Information about coronavirus and how to stop the spread

This document is an easy read document on coronavirus and how to stop the spread for those with a learning disability.

Publication date:
01 March 2020
Date range:
March 2020 - ongoing


COVID-19 is a new illness. Lots of people call it Coronavirus. It can affect your lungs and your airways.


Most people who get Coronavirus will not be very ill.

Some older people or people who already have health problems may become more ill.

You may feel worried about Coronavirus. This is normal. Talk about how you feel with people you can trust.


We have a plan to slow down how fast Coronavirus spreads.

There are things everyone can do to help stop them and other people getting Coronavirus.


1) Keep your hands clean.

Wash your hands lots of times during the day:

  • use soap and water
  • use hand sanitiser (gel) if there is
  • no soap and water when you are out
  • make sure you wash your hands when:
    • you come home
    • you visit other places
    • before you touch food
      Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth
  • Always cough and sneeze into a tissue.
  • Then throw the tissue away and wash your hands.

2) Be ready to stay at home

Stay at home and don’t meet up with other people for 7 days if you have Coronavirus symptoms.

These are:

  • a new cough, and you keep coughing or
  • a high temperature

After 7 days, if you feel better, you can start your usual routine again.

Stay at home and don’t meet up with other people for 14 days if you share your home with someone who has symptoms of Coronavirus.

3) Make a plan

Think about what you will do if you are asked to stay at home.

If you have support from family or paid carers you should make a plan with them.

4) Only use health services when it is important to do so.

If you:

  • are staying at home and start to feel much more ill
  • have stayed at home for 7 days and still have symptoms of Coronavirus


  • get advice from NHS 111 online
  • if you need to speak to someone call 111 
  • you should not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital as you could pass Coronavirus to others

Only dial 999 or go to Accident and Emergency if there is an emergency.

Only get information about Coronavirus from places you can trust. These places are: