Dementia envoy job description

Dementia envoy job description

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01 January 0001
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Job description


An envoy is a positive role model and service user representative, who engages with people with dementia living in Kent and Medway, professionals working within the Trust and the wider public in order to:

Description of task

1. Increase public awareness of dementia and living well with dementia
2. Contribute to the development of KMPT services by being a source
of knowledge, advice and consultation
3. Provide a link between KMPT and a range of other organisations
4. Attend local, national or international meetings and conferences
related to dementia, and then provide KMPT with feedback
5. Be a contact person for people who might benefit from the Envoy’s
6. Contribute towards community projects and future research related
to dementia
7. Maintain a record of activities engaged in and inform staff contact of
any concerns or issues
8. Engage in many different activities (see attached list.)

Envoys engage in many different activities as they fulfil the role detailed above.

These may include:

  1. Writing, blogging, speaking, being interviewed, giving presentations and engaging with
    the media and social media about your lived experience of dementia in order to educate
    people about the different types of dementia and the differences in its presentations from
    person to person.
  2. Sharing knowledge, advice and consultation with KMPT to develop their services such
    as dementia assessment services, post-diagnostic support, young onset dementia and
    inpatient services
  3. Contributing towards KMPT documents such as policies and patient information
  4. Training service users, carers, staff, students and the public e.g. on topics such as living
    well with dementia, care planning, different types of dementia,
  5. Supporting staff recruitment in KMPT through assisting with role development, skills
    assessment and interviewing.
  6. Advising commissioners, local members of parliament and councillors on issues relating
    to Dementia, Mild Cognitive Impairment and Young Onset Dementia
  7. Supporting links between KMPT, primary health care, a range of voluntary sector
    organisations such as Alzheimer’s Society, Age UK, and Universities.
  8. Providing consultancy for various projects, panels and committees both local and
  9. Attending local, national or international conferences and meetings related to dementia,
    and then providing KMPT with feedback.
  10. Contribute towards community projects
  11. Contribute to research related to dementia
  12. Being a contact person for people who might benefit from the Envoy’s experience
  13. Other activities to fulfil the role above