Issue 5 - Perinatal Mental Health Newsletter

Catch up with the latest developments from the Mother and Infant Mental Health Service.

Publication date:
29 July 2021
Date range:
Issue 5


Day in the life of a Perinatal nurse on the MBU

No one day is the same on the MBU. We ensure that the unit is safe and assist management in the smooth running of the unit. This involves assessing the needs of mum, baby, staff and acting accordingly.

7am - Nurses host the handover meeting of mums on the unit. Ensuring the new shift is updated on the previous shift and all-important information is shared with the team on the next shift. Checking the diary for any tasks that need to be completed.

8am - is medication time which will involve both nurses doing and checking medication together. Medication can be administrated to mum and babies. Nurses will generally allocate physical health vital signs to health care assistants to complete and any issues may be escalated.

9.30 am - is the main MDT handover involving the whole team during this handover period.  New referrals can be discussed and any issues that may need to be addressed for mums can be clarified with doctors i.e. changes in medication etc. Nurses are required to screen all new referrals that    come in to the generic email whether they are appropriate or not. Nurses will also be required to deal with admissions and discharges. They will need to order medication for mums that are being discharged or are going on leave.

Nurses are also involved with updating families (with mums’ consent) about mums’ progress on the unit.

10 -10.30am - Nurses are involved in ward rounds, CPA, mental health review tribunals etc giving feedback to the MDT on how mums have been on the unit and how mums are progressing.

1.30pm is the afternoon handover. During the afternoon nurses are involved in 1-1 sessions whereby they can build a therapeutic relationship with mums. If mums are feeling low or anxious they have plenty of time to talk to nurses that are on shift.

10pm Medication time again, followed by cleaning equipment in the clinical room.  After this we continue to manage the shift and deal with any emergencies that arrive, including help with all the babies.

Teddy Bears Picnic

We will be holding Teddy Bear Picnics across Kent for all of our service users on Saturday 18 September 2021. This will be a really fun, relaxed event for all, with activities and lunch provided. Save the date for your diaries!

Update to our service

We are broadening the remit of the Mother and Infant Mental Health Service (MIMHS) in line with the NHS Long Term Plan ambitions for perinatal mental health community services.

This includes increasing the availability of specialist perinatal mental health community care for women who need ongoing support from 12 months after birth to 24 months, and in the future offering mental health checks for partners of those accessing our service and signposting them to support if required. We have consulted with those with lived experience of perinatal mental ill health, health and social care staff, commissioners and stakeholders on a service name that will be inclusive and appropriate, and can announce that from 1 September 2021 the Mother and Infant Mental Health Service (MIMHS) will be called the ‘Perinatal Mental Health Community Service’.

The updated service literature and a new website will be live from 1 September 2021.

MBU Active hands and minds

Activity packs were put together for the mums at the MBU to engage in their rooms independently.  Due to the outbreak of Covid on the ward and lots of mums having to isolate, we wanted the mums to have something to engage in to occupy their time and support their well-being.  The packs included things like art and crafts activities, baby grows to decorate, puzzles, colouring, exercises to do, healthy eating information, mindfulness practice and psychological coping strategies.

The packs had a profound impact on mum’s well-being, and in turn on babies too.  It gave structure, coping strategies and provided care to mums in a creative and adaptable way.

Mums at MBU have also been encouraged to create hope boxes by decorating a box in a way that is meaningful to them. The mums have been supported to fill their box with things that give them hope for recovery. This could include items such as: inspirational quotes, favourite smells, pictures, memories, goals for the future and soothing music. The boxes are very unique and personal to each mum!

The idea of a hope box is that when mums are feeling less hopeful, or are perhaps going through a hard time they can open up their hope box and use the contents as a coping strategy and way to increase wellbeing and hope.


MIMHS and the MBU would very much appreciate your feedback regarding your contact with us.

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