Estates strategy 2020 - 2024

This strategy covers all aspects of the trust’s buildings, land and facilities support.

Publication date:
19 May 2019
Date range:
May 2019 - May 2024



KMPT has made major progress with modernisation of its estate and facilities functions under successive estate strategies since its creation in 2006. Notably, a major programme of investment to upgrade inpatient environments, to modernise community clinic accommodation, to utilise space as optimally as possible and to dispose of surplus accommodation so as to reinvest capital and revenue receipts have been established over a number of years and will continue into the next five years in the context of the LTP and STP plans and changes.


There is much still to do. Working in partnership with other agencies, sharing resources, keeping the needs of service users, carers and staff at the forefront of our thinking and maintaining a relentless focus on safety, health and wellbeing will continue to provide the trust’s framework for the ongoing development, redevelopment and improvement of its estate.