Estates strategy 2020 - 2024

This strategy covers all aspects of the trust’s buildings, land and facilities support.

Publication date:
19 May 2019
Date range:
May 2019 - May 2024

Governance and delivery


The trust has established structures for managing its estate and any changes to it, ensuring board-level governance and oversight for all major estate programmes. Executives and other senior directors meet regularly in the recently-established Strategic Estates Group (SEG), chaired by the executive director of finance, to agree strategy for the estate. Any significant proposals for change or development are fed through to the Executive Assurance Committee (EAC) for approval, before being presented to the Finance and Performance Committee (FPC), which oversees estates issues on behalf of the Board. These senior managers are all part of, and responsible for, the other major change programmes across the trust (clinical care pathways, HR, clinical technology, etc)


Given the volume of plan delivery which will be required in the next five years, strong governance is a necessity. In addition to the capital investment plan itself, and the major trust Clinical Care Pathways Programme, there is the existing Sustainable Development Management Plan, the updated Community Estates Transformation Plan and inpatient improvement programme, plans that are emerging with STP partners around local care “hubs”, plans that will be required to deliver improved efficiency and cost reduction, and plans to respond to LTP initiatives such as the new Safety Improvement Programme and emerging ICP structures and systems.


Once strategic change projects are agreed, comprehensive delivery structures are established as required. For construction projects, a trust clinical and non-clinical project team will work closely with external advisors in well-established industry-standard project management arrangements. The Trust Capital Group (TCG), chaired by the executive director of nursing, oversees the annual capital programme, and reports on this to the SEG and FPC, ensuring that strategic priorities inform the capital spend. The trust’s ETP has a Projects Delivery Group overseeing its activities. Appropriate links are being established with the trust’s new Transformation and Improvement team.


Annex E contains structure charts demonstrating how the governance and delivery arrangements are established.