Mr S homicide action plan

This action plan has been developed to address the recommendations from an independent review of the internal investigation and associated action planning into the care and treatment provided to a mental health service user, Mr S, in Kent. The quality assurance review was commissioned by NHS England in line with national policy and conducted by NICHE.

Publication date:
01 September 2020
Date range:
September 2020 - ongoing

Recommendation 11

NB recommendation numbers relate to those issued by NICHE and have been maintained in the following action plan. Other recommendations did not relate to KMPT.



Issues identified

The Trust must ensure that when new processes are introduced, they are clearly described in relevant policies or procedures and adhered to.

Actions to be taken

  1. The trust will ensure that new or amended policies or procedures clearly indicate version control and are communicated through the agreed methods.

Person responsible

  • Trust Secretariat
  • Policy Manager

Target completion date

  1. On-going

Evidence to be probed

  1. MinutesĀ  from relevant Policy approval group and sections of policies, indicating the changes

Progress to date

  1. Complete - Where a procedure is created that affects a policy (e.g. a procedural flowchart appended to a policy is changing) updates are included in the main policy and ratified through the relevant governance structures. Policy/Procedure author(s) amend the documents in a timely way (e.g. if there is a change in legislation or a guidance). The Policy Manager monitors the policies to ensure they are within date and that reviews are completed as indicated in policy Trust Secretariat quality checks that the relevant matters have been complied with before it can be placed before the ratifying committee. Compliance and adherence to relevant policies are monitored as set out in the policy monitoring section which may include auditing or reporting in the performance and activity reports.