Mr S homicide action plan

This action plan has been developed to address the recommendations from an independent review of the internal investigation and associated action planning into the care and treatment provided to a mental health service user, Mr S, in Kent. The quality assurance review was commissioned by NHS England in line with national policy and conducted by NICHE.

Publication date:
01 September 2020
Date range:
September 2020 - ongoing

Recommendation 8

NB recommendation numbers relate to those issued by NICHE and have been maintained in the following action plan. Other recommendations did not relate to KMPT.



Issues identified

The Trust must undertake further work with Swale Community Mental Health Team to ensure that crisis and contingency plans are in place and fully completed for all patients.

Actions to be taken

  1. Ongoing monitoring of the quality of crisis and contingency plans via CliQ Checks and subsequent attention to areas of non-compliance.
  2. Continue to review Swale’s full caseload for completion and quality of crisis and contingency plans and subsequent attention to areas of non-compliance.

Person responsible

  • Head of Service
  • CRCG Clinical Quality Team

Target completion date

  1. On going
  2. 31 March 2020

Evidence to be probed

  1. CLIQ check documentation
  2. Performance report

Progress to date

  1. Complete and occurs every two months.
  2. Full review completed 02/03/2020 and fed back to Head of service on 04/03/2020. The quality of crisis and contingency plans are reviewed on an ongoing basis as part of the care groups rolling CliQ check process. The performance is sometimes impacted on by staffing gaps however this remains under constant review by the managers who work to ensure temporary staffing whilst recruitment is under way. A further CliQ check is being undertaken on 14/09/20 to test the compliance and effectiveness of the actions taken.