Resources and information for those with learning disability

The Learning Disabilities Professional Senate has put together  collection of resources that may be useful to support you during the virus.

Different resources may be more appropriate for different people; the senate are not recommending any specific resources.

The guidance in the below documents is valid at the time that they are developed, but may need amending as government action changes.

Covid-19 vaccine

People with a learning disability have been prioritised for the covid-19 vaccine. If you think this is you get in touch with your GP now about getting a vaccine.

Useful information

Beyond Words has created a series of free picture resources to help you understand more about coronavirus and how to stay well during this time.

To access books and resources by Beyond Words, click on this link:

  • Jack plans ahead for coronavirus
  • Beating the virus
  • Good days and bad days during lockdown
  • When someone dies from coronavirus.