Ashford and Shepway Mental Health of Learning Disability Service

We provide mental health support for adults with learning disabilities (LD).

Through us people with an LD can access mainstream mental health services where their needs can be met. They can also be seen by specialist learning disability services.

We offer

  • Detailed specialist assessment of the person’s mental health
  • Specialist adapted treatment that take account of the person’s abilities/disabilities
  • Therapeutic interventions, education and support for service users, family members and carers.
  • Individualized care plan
  • Management strategies and support and education for service users and their carers
  • Enhanced CPA co-ordination for those with learning disabilities and severe mental illness and/or severe behavioural problems where there is a high degree of risk
  • Mental health promotion for people with learning disabilities
  • Client based skills training for local learning disability service providers and professionals
  • Consultation, supervision, joint work and allocation for direct work with mainstream mental health services.

Where appropriate, mainstream mental health and learning disability clinicians will work with other specialist learning disability services.

What is a Learning Disability?

For a diagnosis of learning disability a person must have:

  • A significant global impairment of intellectual functioning (i.e. an IQ of 70 or below)
  • Significant limitations in at least two areas of adaptive, social and communication skills.

Both of the above must be present before the age of 18.

Eligibility criteria

We work with adults who live in Kent and Medway who:

  • Have a diagnosed or suspected learning disability
  • Present evidence or suspicion of mental illness, psychological disturbance, personality disorder and/or significant challenging behaviour
  • May be engaging in behaviours that pose a significant risk to themselves or others.


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