Psychological and Behavioural Support Team, West Kent

The Psychological and Behavioural Support Team (PBST) is part of the Mental Health of Learning Disability (MHLD) service. This team helps people who live in east Kent.

The PBST provides specialist psychological input for adults with learning disabilities who present with severe challenging behaviour, as well as to their carers and families.

Our aim is to help understand the individual through functional assessment interviews, behavioural observations and behavioural charts. These help to form our behavioural support plans and interventions, tailored to the individual.

We work closely with others including speech and language, occupational therapy, nursing, psychiatry and MHLD psychology to help provide the most appropriate care.

Who we can help

We work with adults who:

  • have a diagnosed or suspected Learning Disability.
  • display evidence or suspicion of mental illness, psychological disturbance, personality disorder and/or significant challenging behaviour.
  • may be engaging in behaviours that pose a significant risk to themselves or others.
  • have complex emotional and behavioural needs that require more intense support than a Psychologist in the MHLD locality team can offer


We value any feedback that can help improve the service we offer. We would be grateful if you could give us your views by completing the following survey:

Ask Listen Do

This is a film by NHS England for people with a learning disability, autistic people, families and carers which can help when giving feedback, raising a concern or making a complaint.