Equality, diversity and inclusion strategy 2019 - 2024

This strategy reiterates our promise to tackle inequalities and promote equality, diversity and inclusion and human rights with the highest possible standards of care and outcomes for everyone creating a better working environment for staff.

Publication date:
01 November 2019
Date range:
November 2019 - November 2024

KMPT equality objectives 2019 - 2024

KMPT equality objectives 2019 - 2014
Equality objective
Improve the workforce profile data collected by including sexual orientation, religion and
belief in the reporting strategy to address issues
Improve the visibility of EDI activities across the Trust and communicate initiatives using
various platforms to engage staff participation.
Implement Network Forum objectives, identify initiatives that create further awareness
across the Trust, improve staff attendance at forum meetings, cost activities again budget
ensuring cost effective and value to the Trust.
Implement equality care group action plans – ensuring that the action plans are linked to
the WRES, WDES, this equality strategy and NHS England’s Equality Delivery System.
Improve communications and the services provided to patients/service users, capturing
their experiences at the discharge stage including complaints and compliments.
Analyse the equality data on patients/services users, identify improvements for protected
groups including external relationships with support organisations.
Review of Equality Impact Assessments: review of the EIA’s document and guidance.