e-connect August 2020

Welcome to e-connect, our monthly Trust e-bulletin with the intention of helping to keep you connected with us, update you on the service improvements we are making and share the work we are doing to improve access to our services across the county.

Publication date:
28 August 2020
Date range:
August 2020 - Ongoing

Our new look PREM launches on 1 September 2020

The trust is committed to understanding how our services are experienced and to use this knowledge as an opportunity to improve. It is vital that each and every one of our patients, service users and their loved ones, are given the chance to feedback their views on the quality of care so we can offer everyone the best possible experience. Every experience counts.

We already have a range of ways for people to contact us and share their views including the PREM (Patient Reported Experience Measure) and the Friends and Family Test question which asks the question ‘overall, how was your experience of our service?’

From 1 September we are launching the new-look PREM, which helps us to hear and respond appropriately to ensure we are providing brilliant care through brilliant people for each person.

The PREM: 

  • Is available to all patients and service users
  • Can be completed by carers on behalf of their loved ones
  • Is anonymous and confidential

If you have any questions, please email: kmpt.patient.experience@nhs.net

Click here to find out more bout PREM