e-connect August 2020

Welcome to e-connect, our monthly Trust e-bulletin with the intention of helping to keep you connected with us, update you on the service improvements we are making and share the work we are doing to improve access to our services across the county.

Publication date:
28 August 2020
Date range:
August 2020 - Ongoing

Quality Improvement – projects underway

Since April 2019 the Transformation team has engaged with colleagues within and outside KMPT to embed quality improvement (QI) – the ability to look at the current processes and find ways in which they can be made more effective and efficient – in every area of the Trust. KMPT is on a journey to build on and grow QI through all of its teams and are looking to staff, service users and carers to tell us about areas in which we could improve and the best way to do this.

One of the projects the team has been working on since January looks at improving antidepressant adherence for depressive disorder patients under the Kent Primary Care Mental Health service. A pilot, led by Trainee advanced clinical practitioner Albert Botchway, has been very successful with positive feedback from patients, staff and our Board of Trustees. Although COVID-19 has impacted upon the results slightly, we are now finding that nurses who were part of the pilot are routinely offering medication education and counselling to aid adherence of antidepressant medication – which is a huge achievement.

Expect more quality improvement updates over the coming months!