Birth trauma and/or birth loss - which services can offer psychological help?

If someone is experiencing mental health difficulties as a result of birth trauma and / or birth loss, but has not received any help to date, there are a wide range of services that can provide therapies, support and advice to people and their families.

Publication date:
01 March 2021
Date range:
March 2021 - March 2022

Referral to Thrive

Thrive can accept direct referrals from any health or social care professional directly involved in the care of the person, for example a Midwife, Obstetrician, Counsellor, Therapist or GP. Consent must be obtained from the person before a referral is made. We are not able to accept self-referrals.

Please note that Thrive is not a crisis/urgent or emergency service. It operates Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Please call the team on 01227 768928 or email on if you have any queries before making the referral.

The eligibility criteria and referral form can be located on the Thrive service website or by making contact with the team, as above.

What will happen if the referral to Thrive is accepted?

If it is determined that Thrive is the most suitable service to offer support and/or treatment to the person, a joint assessment including a risk assessment with the clinical psychologist and specialist mental health midwife will be offered, following which a plan of care will be formulated with each person, based on their needs.

Initial assessments will take place either face to face or online as appropriate. Four community venues are available in East Kent for face to face appointments to take place.