GP placement student toolkit

Publication date:
07 October 2021
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Treatment modalities

Learning basic strengthening, mobility and stretching exercises for each joint ie. cervical, shoulder, elbow,wrist,lumbar, hip,knee, and ankle will be useful in helping you treat patients.

You should learn proper technique so you may correctly educate patients in order to produce the greatest results.

Understanding how to regress or progress exercises is essential to the management of a patient.You should consider their capability and what their goals as individuals are.Think about close/open chain, base of support, and the FITT principle.

This placement enables you to observe and practice a broad range of treatment modalities.

You will be able to practice manual therapy techniques such as massage,trigger pointing, joint gliding,and the application of both ultrasound and kinesio taping.

Don't forget the importance of reassurance.Educating patients about their condition and telling them what they can or can't do and when they could potentially get better can have a powerful influence on their recovery. Your words matter so be careful how you communicate and consider how you come across to the patient.