GP placement student toolkit

Publication date:
07 October 2021
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What is primary care

Primary care are health services based within community and are where the public should look to seek initial advice and treatment.

The aim of primary care is to provide an easily accessible route of care for the public’s health concerns. Services are more generalised and so do not provide specialist care. Primary care services provide basic care and so will refer to secondary care services if more specialised support is required.

Examples of primary care services are General Practice(GP), Dentistry,Opticians,and the Pharmacy.

Physiotherapy in primary care

Some GP clinics will have a physiotherapy team that will manage the long term care of musculoskeletal and some neurological patients. They are an extension of out patient physiotherapy but primarily obtain most of their referrals from the GP they are situated at.


  1. Assess
  2. Educate
  3. Advise
  4. Treatment