Addiction Service

We provide substance misuse detoxification treatment services to people living across Kent and Medway.

The Trust no longer provides alcohol services in Medway.

Alcohol Services provided by other organisations:

    Kent Drug and Alcohol Action Team
    Medway Drug and Alcohol Action Team

Tier 2 Alcohol Services

Tier 2 Alcohol Services can help people who:

  • Have less severe or less enduring drinking problems
  • May be unsure whether their alcohol use is problematic
  • Are likely to respond well to less intensive and specialist forms of help such as the provision of advice, information and other forms of brief intervention
  • May need assistance in accessing more specialist forms of help.

Tier 2 Alcohol Services can also help people access more intensive forms of help for their alcohol-related difficulties, where appropriate.

Tier 3 Alcohol Services

Where alcohol problems require more intensive attention, people can access Tier 3 community-based services including:

  • Individual therapies
  • Group Therapy
  • Specialist prescribing
  • Medically assisted home detoxification
  • Assessment for residential rehabilitation (‘Tier 4’)