Environmental Control Service

This service provides electronic assistive technology equipment, on loan, to severely disabled people in East Sussex, Kent and South East London to enable them to live more independently in their homes.

An environmental control system is electronic assistive technology that can be operated remotely and enable people to:

  • Summon emergency help
  • Operate domestic appliances such as telephone, television, video and stereo from a central control
  • Switch electrical power for lighting and other appliances.

Environmental control systems can increase independence for the user and allows the disabled person to be at home unattended in the knowledge that the home is secure and that help can be obtained if needed.

The use of environmental control systems can enhance independence and dignity, maintain the integrity of family life and reduce dependence on care services and institutional care.

We provide equipment to people of any age that fit our criteria.

To be eligible to use environmental control systems provided by us you must:

  • Have a permanent and substantial disability caused by disease, injury or congenital defect
  • Have severely restricted upper limb function, affecting both hands
  • Have the necessary cognitive abilities and motivation to use a system
  • Be medically fit to independently control a system
  • Be unable to be assisted by a simpler or more cost effective system

We give priority to people with rapidly deteriorating conditions such as Motor Neurone Disease, people that live on their own and people with severe disabilities of a long term and deteriorating nature.

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