Liaison Psychiatry Service (Medway)

The Medway Liaison Psychiatry Service aims to provide mental health support to people admitted to Medway Maritime Hospital.

The service works very closely with staff at Medway Maritime Hospital to allow patients' mental health to be treated effectively alongside any physical health problems.

The service is available to anyone over the age of 18, regardless of address, who attends an emergency department or is an inpatient at Medway Maritime Hospital and needs advice, assistance or a mental health assessment.

Staff in A&E or on wards can ask the team for advice, assistance or a full mental health assessment.  By considering a person’s physical and mental health needs, better treatment can be offered. There is a clear and proven link between mental illness and physical health.


General hospital staff can refer patients for assessment and management of mental health problems.

Referrals can be made urgently for patients with mental health problems who are within the emergency department or behaving in a manner which poses a high risk to themselves or others and as such need to be seen within two hours. Routine referrals can be made for inpatients to be seen within two working days.

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