Physiotherapy cardio workout

This programme offers exercises to aid your fitness and wellbeing. It is provided by KMPT Physiotherapists. As we have not met you or assessed your personal fitness level and risk factors, please ensure that you check with your doctor or medical professional to complete the ‘fitness to exercise’ assessment form prior to starting this exercise routine.

Publication date:
01 April 2020
Date range:
April 2020 - April 2021

Punches and burpees


Keep your knees soft, pull in your tummy.

Punch left hand then right. As fast as you can!


1. Stand tall
2. Hands to the floor
3. Legs out straight behind you, you can walk legs out and back one at a time or for
more challenge jump both together!
4. Legs back to hands.
5. Stand up again or for more challenge jump up!