AHP student leadership practice based learning toolkit

Welcome to the student leadership tool kit. This toolkit aims to support and offer you resources to prepare you for your practice based learning. Created by Hannah Watson, University of Brighton and Maria Trotman, Kent and Medway AHP Faculty.

Publication date:
19 May 2021
Date range:
May 2021 - Ongoing

Myth busters

Myth 1: Leaders must be extroverts

Reflectors and good listeners makes for sound decision making.

Myth 2: Leaders need to know everything

Today’s leaders need to be willing and able to tap into the skills and expertise of the smart people around them.

Myth 3: One leadership style fits all, forever

Just as technical skills need to be constantly updated to remain relevant, so do motivation strategies and management styles.

Myth 4: Only the boss can lead

In reality, almost everyone takes on a leadership role from time to time, stepping up and stepping back as circumstances change.

Myth 5: Management equals leadership

Managers set and enforce rules and control a group in order to accomplish defined goals. Leaders inspire, influence and encourage those around them.

Myth 6: Leaders must eliminate mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, but those errors help us learn and grow.

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