AHP student leadership practice based learning toolkit

Welcome to the student leadership tool kit. This toolkit aims to support and offer you resources to prepare you for your practice based learning. Created by Hannah Watson, University of Brighton and Maria Trotman, Kent and Medway AHP Faculty.

Publication date:
19 May 2021
Date range:
May 2021 - Ongoing

To do guide

Preparing for your practice based learning

  1. Personality testing to find out how you learn best
  2. Produce a mind map: what is your idea of leadership?
  3. Explore leadership styles, which one are you?
  4. Map your skills and behaviours against a leadership framework
  5. Organisational skills
  6. Ensure technology works
  7. Planning project ideas
  8. Buddy networks: set up a buddy system or forums to find students that have already/or are undertaking a leadership placement
  9. Explore roles within the organisation you are going to, key people for potential networking
  10. Set up a productive environment to work from
  11. Ensure you make time for yourself for your wellbeing.