AHP student leadership practice based learning toolkit

Welcome to the student leadership tool kit. This toolkit aims to support and offer you resources to prepare you for your practice based learning. Created by Hannah Watson, University of Brighton and Maria Trotman, Kent and Medway AHP Faculty.

Publication date:
19 May 2021
Date range:
May 2021 - Ongoing

System wide working

During your Leadership placement you maybe working across many professions and organisations. Identifying and understanding the structure of the health and social care services in your area is very important. System wide change is when there is a shared purpose across many stakeholders that will results in improved patient care across many organisations. These stakeholders could be:

  • Patients
  • Health and social care representatives (clinicians)
  • Universities
  • Health Education England
  • Private or Voluntary organisations
  • CCGs
  • Primary Care

Click here for more information and resources about system leadership and system leadership behaviours framework.