AHP student leadership practice based learning toolkit

Welcome to the student leadership tool kit. This toolkit aims to support and offer you resources to prepare you for your practice based learning. Created by Hannah Watson, University of Brighton and Maria Trotman, Kent and Medway AHP Faculty.

Publication date:
19 May 2021
Date range:
May 2021 - Ongoing

Testimonies from professionals

"The Kent and Medway AHP faculty have just started offering leadership placements for AHP students, every AHP is a leader and by offering leadership placements we are encouraging and introducing effective leadership at the early point of their career journey. These placements have given me great insight into a students perspective of workforce issues. I feel this is so valuable due to them being our future workforce’"

"As a Physiotherapist by background, it is really encouraging and exciting to have a Physiotherapy student on a leadership placement. AHPs make great leaders and if leadership skills can be developed at an early stage, there will be high hopes for our future workforce”