Learning from Experience Policy

This policy outlines how the Trust ensures that there is a systematic approach to learning from all types of events and that this is disseminated through a number of different mechanisms.

Publication date:
01 May 2019
Date range:
May 2019 - May 2022

9. Local learning


Managers within care groups are responsible for investigating all incidents, complaints and claims therefore locally owning the issues that arise and feeding back the results of these investigations to staff.


Reflective practice sessions are also used as a way of discussing and disseminating learning, reviewing how changes can be made and implemented in practice.


All local learning is captured and discussed as part of individual ward/team business/team meetings and this in turn is fed into the governance reporting structure within individual care groups.


Each care group discusses learning within its governance structure, reporting any wider issues to the appropriate Board level committee/group. These governance groups act as the link to facilitate the dissemination of learning from the trust board down to staff and from staff to the trust board.


Any learning which impacts on the care of patients is disseminated;

  • 9.5.1 via learning flyers for inpatient settings and displayed on notice boards
  • 9.5.2 via the learning from experience webpage and displayed in reception areas
    for those based in the community.


Each care group has its own mechanism for disseminating and communicating learning which can be in the form of a bulletin or newsletter.